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Banana Top and Bottom

Banana Top and Bottom

It consists of a box of 2 lengths, 2 widths and 1 bottom. This box only has a bottom and has no lids. It is a piece with joint on the side, which can be glued or stapled and the flaps only have them at the bottom.

This type of boxes is ideal to leave the product in view of the consumer or as an exhibitor.

And if you require a packaging that, in addition to protecting and transporting your products, is an ally in sales at the point of sale, we offer all kinds of displays for the point of sale, as well as transformable packaging in displays at the point of sale .

Both sections of the MRSC type The cover can be full depth.

The two thicknesses of corrugated cardboard around the box in this type provides maximum protection to its contents and gives the box greater resistance to stowage.

Although it is used extensively for fruits and vegetables, it is also used for other goods.

At its final destination, its lid can be easily removed to examine the appearance and condition of fruit or vegetables or other merchandise.


25 October 2019


Top and Bottom