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Our Quality Policy!

"Design and manufacture corrugated cardboard packages that exceed the expectations of our customers in a cost-effective and excellent way, focusing on the continuous improvement of our processes and the skills of our staff"

Our objectives:

  • Maintain DPM's Less than 3,500 UND
  • Delivery on time +/- 1 day greater than 92%
  • Waste less than or equal to 7.5%

The QMS Global Group, headquarterd in Boca Raton Florida, encompasses QMS Global, Inc., QMS Global Corp. and QMS Global FZE as well as partner companies and agents worldwide. We are an international organization specializing in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 28000, MVO 8000 and sector-specific quality management system assessment and registration. QMS Global certificates are visible around the world, managed directly through our main offices in the US providing North American and international certification, the Dominican Republic serving the Caribbean, Central and South America and Dubai UAE, servicing the growing Singapore and Gulf markets. Our commitment is to deliver impartial assessments with credibility, consistency and integrity in compliance with ISO 17021 issuing EMA (IAF) accredited and ASCB accredited certificates.

QMS Global certification programs monitor all size companies to improve their business efficiency and reduce risk through our comprehensive audit and continuous registration programs. We are a customer-focused organization that understands the individualized needs of all of our clients, those with a small staff, or, those with thousands of employees. With significant regional presence in Florida and California and auditors also residing in the Northeast we deliver superior service throughout the US and Canada with minimal or no travel expense to our clients.