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The RSC: "Regular Slotted Container", consist of sides and panels that at the time of bending are equal the front with the back and the sides with each other respectively, it is also worth mentioning that it is the most regular type of box there is, It is cheaper and does not give difficulties in printing processes.

Box with 2 lengths, 2 widths and 1 bottom or height. It may come stuck or stapled. This type of box is the most common in the market. It basically consists of a piece with a glued or stapled joint and flaps on the lid as on the bottom, which joins in the center.

All the fins have the same length, and the two outer fins are half the width of the box, so that they meet in the center of the box when folded. If the product requires a flat surface, even lower, or the protection of two complete layers, a PAD can be placed between the two inner flaps.

This is a highly efficient design for many applications. There is very little manufacturing waste. The RSC can be used for most products and is the most common box style.


25 October 2019